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KSC Tobacco Cessation Program

Tobacco Free KSC

The NEW Kennedy Space Center Tobacco Cessation Program, Tobacco Free KSC, includes all forms of tobacco product addiction and is a collaboration of the KSC Health Education and Wellness Program (HEWP), the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and the Occupational Health Medical Providers with Tobacco Free Florida "I Quit Program" facilitators and counselors.

This synergy will address multiple avenues – behavioral, cognitive, medical and social – for KSC and CCAFS employees who desire to live tobacco free. KSC health professionals will provide education on health and lifestyle issues that further support and maintain positive change, and additional information on community and online resources. To ensure success, employees are encouraged to follow-up with Tobacco Cessation Program professionals as long as necessary.

The program and associated nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) options are COMPLIMENTARY.

Images concerning smoking, ball and chain - circle with a cigarette and can of dip with a strike going through the circle - You can do it - Quit!

Program components are:

Option 1: A 2-hour session where participants learn how to develop a successful Quit Plan.
Option 2: Support groups meet once a week for 6 weeks and cover a variety of topics including coping with withdrawal symptoms, managing addiction and preventing relapse.

Nicotine Replacement:

Participants will receive complimentary nicotine patches, lozenges and gum to help tobacco users (cigarettes and chew) cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms (while supplies last and if medically appropriate).

Group Counseling:

Program is administered in a group setting, which is an effective and critical component of any quit attempt, and can double the success rate of quitting tobacco.

Program dates will be selected from a list of suggested dates and times collected from KSC Daily News announcements and human resource managers.

For more information, contact the KSC Wellness Coordinator at 321-867-3414, or the KSC Fitness Center at 321-867-7829.