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Image of a town with peopleThe importance of attenuating the plethora of health and medical conditions in the US population requires a comprehensive examination of the social, environmental, occupational and individual determinants of illness and disability. Since regulatory policies promote a more mechanistic approach on disease causation, many workplace programs study only the conditions or procedures that precipitated the adverse condition contributing to the onset of the disease. The Public Health (PH)/ Preventive Medicine (PM) primary prevention methodology adopts a holistic view that considers aspects of the employee’s lifestyle (ecosocial variables) and individual life history to diagnose the root cause(s) of the health anomaly. An integrated workplace intervention model is preferred that examines the attributes of risk-taking behavior, lifestyle, life history and occupational risk factors of the individual. Since employees can significantly contribute to the reduction of both occupational and environmental hazards, the participation of the Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental (OSH&E) disciplines is vital to obtain an accurate assessment that results in a desirable and lasting outcome. Ecosystem and Human Health - Awareness & Action

This new paradigm and model is in subtle contrast to how things began when the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) was create in 1971. Historically, the OSH discipline evaluated the occupational determinants of disease and/or disability in the context of its influence on productivity while the PH/PM model focused more on an individual-systems approach in determining causation. Often the PH/PM and OSH programs address similar challenges to employee health. In situations where these approaches overlap, the potential exists to integrate solutions and synergize the outcomes. The goal is to monopolize on this effect and to sustain healthy and productive employees in both the workplace and the community.

The desire of this website is to outline the ways you can take control of your safety, health and well-being both in the workplace and at home. The KSC health, safety and environmental programs offer a variety of opportunities such as: “lunch ‘n learn” talks, specific subject-matter presentations, support groups and other special events for all employees to assist them in taking control of their health, safety and wellness. Topics cover a variety of areas such as nutrition, mental health, physical activity (note: the "GET MOVING" web site), preventive medicine and a diversity of safety issues. Layered Oval with Social - Community - Relationship - Individual labeled If you are interested in any of the health, medical and safety programs on Center, note the appropriate POC indicated on the webpage and contact that person. Most of the webpages have links to other sites at KSC as well as to other health oriented programs or organizations specific to Brevard County and the surrounding areas.

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