KSC Sanitation & Public Health

Potable Water Safety

Kennedy Space Center’s potable water distribution system is maintained and tested to insure water quality meets Federal and State of Florida drinking water quality standards.

Samples are routinely collected from the KSC water system and tested for signs of bacterial contamination, which would indicate a problem within the system. Sampling of the system begins where the City of Cocoa drinking water lines enter KSC and then spans throughout the distribution system. Bacteriological samples are also collected from new water lines, when existing water lines are cut or repaired, and when complaints are received concerning water quality.

Three images: Sinks that have filtered water, a glass of water, someone getting a drink from a bottled water dispenser

The KSC Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, a State of Florida Certified Drinking Water Laboratory, analyzes these bacteriological samples. The water is evaluated per Florida Administrative Code (FAC) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) regulation. In Florida, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) delegates authority to the State to regulate its water; concurrently, Florida has established standards at least as high or higher than required by the EPA. By meeting Florida FAC requirements, we simultaneously meet or exceed EPAs standard.

Additional information concerning the "Permitting & Compliance: Water Quality - Drinking Water for KSC”, please visit the Environmental Programs at KSC web site.

Results are reported to the State of Florida, the NASA/KSC Environmental Management Program and to the NASA/KSC Sanitation & Public Health Program.

KSC Environmental Microbiology Laboratory
State Laboratory ID: E83478
EPA Lab Code: FL01137

**Reports can be obtained through this program office (Stephen Pilkenton, (321) 867-4662, or Garry Schneider, (321) 867-3653) or from the KSC Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, POC: Randy Sumner, (321) 867-7709.